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Patrick Wilson / Linda Day
CSU Long Beach, University Art Museum, Long Beach, California
Recommendation by Shirle Gottlieb


Continuing through December 9, 2012


Viewers of this double-header will immediately be struck by how complimentary the works of Linda Day and Patrick Wilson are to one another. Though both solo shows consist of colorful, abstract paintings, the vision of each artist is unique and unmistakable. Day describes her process as losing herself while "Swimming in Paint." Put another way: Day's colorful abstractions act as a "Pulse," to draw on the title of one work. While painting, she surrenders her entire body (pulse, heartbeat, and breath) to whatever experience or emotion she's feeling. 


By contrast, Wilson creates geometric abstractions using a technique he calls a "Pull." He paints vibrant rectangles that often jump off the wall as optical illusions. Through his process of "pulling," he "builds" his compositions by intellectually layering one shape, one color, and one line at a time. Agreeing with Henri Bergson that individuals need to analyze each life experience, Wilson fervently wishes that viewers would slow down and take the time to fully experience his work. The paintings by both artists are in fact extremely visceral - not merely intellectual. Whether encountering one of Day's "Ou-Boum" paintings (inspired by haunting, reverberating cave sounds on a trip to India), or entering the center of one of Wilson's hypnotic frame compositions, let the experience of the work wash over you. We're all familiar with tromp l'oeil and we've all experienced optical illusions. Therefore be prepared. Some of Wilson's paintings jump off the wall while your eye marches right through the negative space in the middle of his framed rectangles.


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