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Between the Two
The George Gallery, Laguna Beach, California
Recommendation by Roberta Carasso


Continuing through September 29, 2012


Six artists look at paradox in "Between the Two." With fertile imaginations, these painters and sculptors use non-traditional  materials, perceive various realities, juxtapose things and non-things, seeing them in, out, through, and around in depictions rich with spatial and formal possibilities. They work with visually strong palettes of color, surface, light and shadows, as they confront, expand, and confine space, and the subtleties of ever-present time. Jill Levine borrows from pre-modern paradoxes, juxtaposing them with contemporary idioms. Mary Jones sees tension in the contained and uncontained, emphasizing their explosive nature as she lets go and privileges the work to be the controlling factor. Lindsay Walt’s initial painted imagery may appear traditional, but it is a mix of ephemera, weighty and weightless, that throws the viewer into a tailspin. Bobbie Oliver turns abstraction into intimate imagery that appears as if seen from under a petrie dish. 


Theresa Hacket’s work loses the horizon, rendering the viewer a bit disoriented within a chasm she creates between abstraction and representation. Marilla Palmer uses diaphonous fabrics, assorted sewed on items, and paint. Her work magically crosses the line into sculpture as it deals with light, evanescence, and the delicacy of a momentary sparkle. Viewers see through layers of disparate gossamer colored fabrics that rustle naturally, never remaining still. Some of the art feels traditional, like a Japanese landscape or a classic botanic image, yet rife with a tension that comes from toggling together of similar and contradictory materials (eg., sequins and dirt), as well as inventive processes.


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