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The Reductivist Show
at Prographica, Seattle, Washington
Recommendation by Andrew Bartels


Continuing through May 26, 2012


A finely curated group showing of small works on paper — the gallery's specialty — “The Reductivist Show” features five artists who quietly employ reductive processes and minimalist modes that result, for the most part and counter to what the word 'reductive' has historically implied, in work endowed with personal feeling and self-reflection. Some of the work is reductive by virtue of process, such as Steve Costie’s “reduced” landscapes in graphite, in which erasure is clearly evident. They are landscapes in transition or under construction. Graham Shutt’s photographic prints, are reduced in context; the subject is simply gradations of light and textures on walls. 


David Brody’s computer-generated, optical experiments in pattern, perspective and illusion allude to Agnes Martin’s matrices. Vanessa Tran uses dark neutral oils to both define and obscure a single tree that seems to fade and escape our perception, and references Piet Mondrian’s abstracted trees. Duane Zaloudek playfully reduces his drawings the furthest: in one, there is a single, faint pencil line suggesting an horizon on the paper’s white field.

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