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Woods Davy
at Bentley Gallery, Scottsdale, Arizona
Recommendation by Deborah Ross

Continuing through February 25, 2012


Ideally viewed when the gallery is quiet and softly lit, Woods Davy’s stone sculptures invite contemplation of their fluidity and grace. Included here is a selection of eight pieces from the "Cantamar" series, in which the heavy stones all come from the Cantamar Bay in Mexico. 


The initial glance at the show can’t help but provoke a “how does he do that?” reaction. A deeper look transcends the mechanics of joining the balanced rocks and focuses on their Zen-like quality. The carefully chosen stones - along with granite pieces that are cut to form pedestals - runs the gamut from smooth to pockmarked to striated, with a color range from eggshell to gray to pink. Certain stones bear flecks that glint in the light. Most pieces can be viewed from different angles to admire the interplay of balance and tension. And in all the pieces, the shadows cast by the stones further the viewing pleasure. “Take your time, concentrate,” they invite.


Commanding the most attention are “Cantamar 12-30-11” and “Cantamar 11-06-11,” each about six feet high and seemingly representing two figures facing each other, if the viewer cares to anthropomorphize them. They are almost touching, even “communicating,” the artist might say. Davy's peaceful and meditative aesthetic is the primary reason to spend time engaging this work.

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