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David Jablonowski
Dallas Contemporary, Dallas, Texas
Recommendation by Charissa Terranova

Continuing through March 18, 2012


German intermedia artist David Jablonowski’s hydra-headed installation is all about surfaces and small things. Classically trained in painting by Peter Doig at the Düsseldorf Academy, Jablonowski engineers an array of devices in the creation of reflective planes and countertops made functional for obtuse things. Half-inch thick pieces of Plexiglas stand next to one another, with a thinner more pliable sheet gently folded over the top of each. A monitor is mounted up top on one of the more braced layers of Plexiglas while video from a camouflaged projector shoots moving images through and upon the luminescent surfaces of plastic. This is one stop in the multi-kiosked room that comprises "Many to Many." Others include flat-screen TVs, which serve both as socles and gestural surfaces. Small abstract, white ceramic objects sit on top of the TVs, playing totemic figure to the dancing loop of images that are its ground. A would-be master of an extraterrestrial universe, Jablonowski purveys promises of new dimensions and an expanded art.

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