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Michael Levin
photo-eye Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico 
Recommendation by Michael Abatemarco 

Continuing through February 4, 2012

In "Continuum" Michael Levin’s photographs display a stark and elegant beauty. There is a singularity, a clear object of interest to the imagery. Whether his subject is a stand of trees, a snow-covered jetty or an outcropping of rocks rising from a mist shrouded sea, they take on a haunting presence while surrounding details are obliterated in formless, monochromatic environments. The sharp, distinguishable features of these subjects contrast with the indeterminate ground of the landscapes and seascapes from which they emerge — the result of timed exposures that render them as milky or dark spaces from which arise imagery like crystalline thought from out of a void.


In several of his chromogenic prints we recognize these environments for what they are, despite their uniformity, while in others they are merely grayscale domains touched with a dream-like quality. The most compelling imagery, however, is the most detailed: a photograph of a road through trees, simply titled "Arrows," and a photograph of stacked pallets that take on an architectural appearance. The singular focus renders Levin’s work a kind of portraiture.

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