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Ellen George
at PDX Contemporary Art, Portland, Oregon
Recommendation by TJ Norris

Continuing through November 26, 2011

Sculptor Ellen George re-emerges with a stylish sophistication in “Sensing Place,” taking on the wilder side of botanicals. In “Mulberry Curl” she fuses sinewy forms that ooze sensuality by elongating a cascade of fleshy, lobe-like puckers that bloom upward into delicate purple petals, and a strand of small buds in a downward swoosh. The fiery garland that is “Twang” beams intensely with flamboyant flashes of fuscia.

George’s dangling forms float like mobiles and cascade down walls, yet still manage to elicit the immediacy of a spacious open field in late Spring, recalling her formative years in Texas. And while many of the pieces are intimate in scale she has perhaps created one of her gangliest works to date in “Forever Catenary.” At eleven feet tall it stretches longingly from floor to ceiling, juxtaposing the shape of a cheshire smile and a rosary. Partly taken from memory, the works deal in romancing a lazy hazy sense of Kodakchrome light. These handcrafted beauties fuse the tension of the budding organic with something near hallucinogenic.

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