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Marnie Weber
Gavlak Gallery, Los Angeles, California
Recommendation by Jody Zellen

Marnie Weber, "Monster Totem," 2016, Halloween masks, glass eyes, expanding foam, resin, magi-sculpt, fake fruit coated in resin, polyurethane horns, acrylic paint, metal base and wooden pole, 26 x 26 x 98"

Continuing through November 5, 2016

"The Day of Forevermore" is the title of Marnie Weber's first full length feature, which is screened in a back room of the gallery. The film is a contemporary fairy tale that depicts the struggles between a mother and daughter. In the gallery proper the installation takes it's point of departure from the film and imagines what happens to the characters at the close of the film's narrative. Weber fills the space with props and sculptures that tell an imaginative and elaborate tale.

Accompanying the large-scale sculptural pieces are Weber's modest-sized collages that isolate specific moments of the story. Among the standout pieces is "Monster Totem," an eight-foot high sculpture made from fake fruit and Halloween masks. "Weeping Willow” is an inventive rendition of a tree of stained glass shards and steel. Weber's installation presents the nuanced depths of her imagination as she leads viewers through this uncanny narrative filled with beguiling creatures and unsettling landscapes.

Published Courtesy of ArtSceneCal ©2016


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