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Art Gallery

Gilman Contemporary

661 Sun Valley Road
Ketchum, ID 83340

Email: Email venue
Phone: (208) 726-7585

Raine Kidder Assistant Director

Monday - Friday, 10am-6pm; Saturday 11am-5pm; Sunday; in season or by appoi


Gilman Contemporary’s philosophy is simple: We believe art should be thought-provoking, inspirational and resonate in a deeply personal place for our clients.

Our collectors appreciate the diversity of our artists and have come to find the gallery a place of conversation and discovery.

With an educated and committed staff, we can assist both the seasoned collector as well as those acquiring work for the first time. It is our hope to bring a fresh vision to an already sophisticated and successful arts community and to further both the appreciation and acquisition of contemporary art.


Jhina Alvarado, Laura Schiff Bean, Isabel Bigelow,  David Burdeny, Marco Casentini, Tom Chambers. Peter Clark, Ashley Collins, Alex Couwenberg,  Roberto Dutesco, Jeri Eisenberg, Hacer, Brad Howe, Laurie Victor Kay, Charles Kay, Jr., Kollabs; Anke Schofield and Luis Garcia-Nerey, Mayme Kratz, Jason Langer, Jill Lear, Jane Maxwell, Carrie McGee, Greg Miller, Craig Mooney, Kevin Sloan, Hunt Slonem, Rodney Smith,  Melvin Sokolsky, Valerie Stuart, Alex Timmermans, Cecil Touchon, James Verbicky, Stephanie Weber, John Westmark, Wendel Wirth, Works Available By: Nick Brandt, Julie Blackmon, Ormond Gigli, William Klein, Frank Horvat and Donald Sultan.


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