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Art Gallery

Bryan Ohno Gallery

521 South Main Street
Seattle, WA 98104

Email: Email venue
Phone: (206) 459-6857

Tuesday - Saturday, 11am-5pm


December 7, 2017 - January 27, 2018
Tinker Box


Shelly Corbett, Boris Vanrillaer, Vesa Lehtimaki, Yumiko Glover, Larry Bemm, Dean Eliasen, Patricia Hagen, James Lee Hansen, Katina Huston, Isabel Kahn, Irene Kubota, Yanhong Ma, Akiko Masker, Ramon Orlina, Reid Ozaki, Travis Pond, Erin Riley, Adrianne Smits, Kazutaka Uchida, Sarah B. Whalen, Lisa Zerkowitz, Lisa Buchanan, Claire Brandt, Caitlin Berndt, Ben Darby, Camille Patha, Bokuden Matsuda


Travis Pond
Bryan Ohno Gallery, Seattle
Review by Matthew Kangas
"Northwest Wildlife" aptly describes the current assemblages of Travis Pond, who cuts up metal detritus in ord

Past Editorial

Travis Pond


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