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Los Angeles, CA 90035

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Lise Patt

Every 'odd' Thursday and Saturday, 12-5pm


May 10, 2019 - June 29, 2019
UNDERCOVER: more than words and images
Featuring handwritten inserts, additions, addendums, amendments, modifications and more, UNDERCOVER is curated selection of unique and diverse books from the ICI Library that carry more than words and images ‘under their covers.’
May 24, 2019 - August 31, 2019
“Left Behind”
Scribbles, stickers, stamps, stains, fades, found objects and ephemera spotted on and within books from the ICI Library.


The Institute of Cultural Inquiry (ICI) is a non-profit educational and cultural organization focused on ‘visual technologies’ and how they are used to document, imagine, remember and conceal the convergence of human activities and capabilities we call ‘culture.’ The Institute sponsors research, displays, symposia, workshops, performances and tactical interventions. In addition, it is committed to maintaining a number of long-term, ongoing projects that stretch across disciplines such as The AIDS Chronicles, The Manual of Lost Ideas, and Traumbagger (dream-dredger). The organization also maintains an active publishing program through the ICI Press. Headquartered in Los Angeles with satellite laboratories in London, Köln, and Venice, Italy, the ICI offers residency, curatorial, publishing, fieldwork and event horizon opportunities for visual researchers and/or fabricators and for curious spectators of visual culture.


Anna Ayeroff
at Institute of Cultural Inquiry, West Los Angeles, California 
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Anna Ayeroff


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