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Art Gallery

Vessel Gallery

471 25th Street
Oakland, CA 94612

Email: Email venue
Phone: (510) 893-8800

Lonnie Lee Curator

Tuesday - Saturday, 11am-6pm; First Fridays, 3-9pm.


Before. This gable roof, corrugated metal building was built in 1906 as a one and a half story stable. Joseph E. Silva Livery Stable cared for, boarded, and transferred Oakland Fire Department horses at this location. In 1922, the building use changed with the times as automobiles became increasingly more popular, and the area became known as the 25th Street Garage District of Oakland. Wm. N. Macauley’s draughtsman and designers occupied the space for manufacturing motor bearings and radio parts for cars. At this same time through 1939, the building shared space with Linden Bros. who housed a furniture repair and manufacturing business. William and Dorothy Traverso owned and operated the building as United Glass from 1943 to 2008.

Lonnie Lee envisioned a new use for this building, her second iteration of Vessel.  Partnering with landlords, the 25th Street corridor is revitalized to enliven and invigorate Oakland's former Auto Row district. Newly redesigned by architect Teri Flynn, in 2010, Vessel Gallery establishes its use for art gallery exhibitions in what is now known as downtown Oakland, California’s exploding arts and entertainment performing arts districts. Many of the original details like the tongue and groove wood ceiling and floors remain. Vessel transforms the use of this charming historic turn-of-the-century building into a unique gallery space to enjoy art, leisure, and the outdoors which includes a wonderful rooftop urban garden.

Vessel Gallery is situated amidst Oakland’s downtown district known as Uptown, where The Fox Theatre, Paramount Theatre, and 19th Street BART station, are just blocks away. The gallery regularly participates in the First Friday’s monthly art walk, attended by flocks of local and visiting art collectors and enthusiasts.

For more information, please contact:
We are open Tuesday through Saturday 11 - 6PM and
First Friday’s of the month from 3 – 9PM.


William Harsh, Sanjay Vora, Bryson Bost, Rose Anne Critchfield, Pamela Merory Dernham, Jon Gariepy, Nancy Genn, Gordon Glasgow, Joanne Hashitani, Luke Heimbigner, Belie Liu, John Ruszel, Juan Santiago, Cyrus Tilton, Natalie Cartwright, Walter James Mansfield, Mari Marks, Sanjay Vora


Ron Weil and William Schwob
Vessel Gallery, Oakland, California
Recommendation by DeWitt Cheng

Past Editorial

Ron Weil and William Schwob
Cheryl Calleri / Thekla Hammond
Cyrus Tilton


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