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Art Gallery

Bentley Gallery

215 East Grant Street
Phoenix, AZ 85004

Email: Email venue
Phone: (480) 946-6060
Fax: (480) 941-0078

Bentley Calverley Owner

Tuesday - Saturday, 10:00am-5:30pm.


Founded in 1984, Bentley Gallery is synonymous with significant contemporary art in the Southwest. The gallery represents established artists, Asian antiquities and works from the Modern era. Paramount to every exhibition at Bentley Gallery is the selection of works that are beautiful, that are exquisitely crafted, and that force us to change how we experience the spaces we share with the art. The staff at Bentley Gallery has the resources and experience to provide premier art consultation combined with impeccable service. Our commitment is to connect collectors and admirers with the perfect works of art.


Lita Albuquerque, Charles Arnoldi, Will Berry, Dominique Blain, Daniel Brice, Renee Brown, Michael David, Woods Davy, Lawrence Fodor, Judith Foosaner, Makoto Fujimara, Jimi Gleason, Jun Kaneko, Robert Kelly, David T. Kessler, Judith Kruger, James Marshall, Ricardo Mazal, Jill Moser, Matt Moulthrop, Philip Moulthrop, Mark Pomilio, Don Reitz, Klaus Rinke, Bobby Silverman, John Sonsini, Devorah Sperber, Jeremy Thomas, Jim Waid, Denise Yaghmourian, Hiro Yokose.


Jeremy Thomas
Bentley Gallery, Phoenix, Arizona
Recommendation by Deborah Ross

Past Editorial

Jeremy Thomas
Eric Orr; Sebastián
Judith Kruger
“Gold Rush”
Jun Kaneko
Woods Davy
Terence La Noue
Michael David


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