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San Francisco Art Institute, Walter McBean Galleries

800 Chestnut Street
San Francisco, CA 94133

Email: Email venue
Phone: (415) 749-4563
Fax: (415) 351-3516

Tues 11am-7pm | Wed - Sat 11am-6pm


September 5, 2014 - September 5, 2014
Jason Jenn, James Broughton
Ecstasy for Everyone
In celebration of James Broughton’s centennial year, performance artist Jason Jenn brings Broughton’s mercurial wit, wonder, whimsy, and words to life on stage.
September 12, 2014 - September 12, 2014
Mike Osterhout
Sportaldislexicartaphobia (Fear of Visual Art)
Mike Osterhout (MFA, 1979) has an adventurous art practice ranging from branding a cow and pulling prints from its nose; tattooing multiple individuals to obtain “bloodprints”; hunting; and programming for MO David, his “gallery as sculp
September 18, 2014 - September 18, 2014
Jill Magid
Jill Magid forges intimate relationships within bureaucratic structures—flirting with, seducing, and subverting authority.
September 19, 2014 - September 19, 2014
Chip Lord
Chip Lord was a founding member of Ant Farm, the radical Bay Area architectural collective that produced “Cadillac Ranch” and “The Eternal Frame”—a historical reenactment of the Kennedy assassination.


On Kawara
at McBean Gallery at San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, California
Recommendation by Dewitt Cheng

Past Editorial

On Kawara


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