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Irvine Fine Arts Center

14321 Yale Avenue
Irvine, CA 92604

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Phone: (949) 724-6880
Fax: (949) 552-2137

Pat Gomez, Director; Yevgeniya Miklailik, Curator Curator

Monday - Thursday, 10am-9pm; Friday, 10am-5pm; Saturday, 9am-5pm.


June 14, 2018 - August 11, 2018
Eric Stoner: “Moving at a Snail’s Pace in Geologic Time”
By combining original photographs and artwork, journals, woodworking elements, vintage album covers, and other mixed media, the complex and allegorical collage works by Stoner have been in the making for more than a decade.
June 14, 2018 - August 11, 2018
Lesley Kice Nishigawara, “Repeat”
Nishigawara’s work explores grids, patterns, structures and networks that she observes in the built environment, from emerging buildings on the side of the freeway to retaining walls in the mountains of Japan.


A variety of rotating monthly exhibits, art classes and studios including photography, ceramics, drawing and painting and jewelry/lapidary, for children and adults


Irvine Fine Arts Center, Irvine, California
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