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Robert Berman Gallery

2525 Michigan Avenue, B7
Bergamot Station Art Center
Santa Monica, CA 90404

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Phone: (310) 315-1937
Fax: (310) 315-9688

Robert Berman Owner

Tuesday - Saturday, 11am-6pm


The Robert Berman Gallery has been in business in Santa Monica, California since 1979. One of the first galleries to be located at Bergamot Station Arts Center. Founder and owner Robert Berman was early on in exhibiting artists such as Keith Haring and Raymond Pettibon and has done historical and seminal exhibitions by such artists as William S. Burroughs and Man Ray. The gallery has a rotating exhibition schedule specializing in mid-career and established artists in all mediums.


Margaret Adachi
Sol Aquino
Kenneth Aronson
Bill Barminski
Gomez Bueno
Jeff Charbonneau & Eliza French
John Colao
Robert Sean Coons
Jorg Dubin
Britt Ehringer
Ron English
Mark Fichou
Steven Friedman
Ron Garrigues
Andrew George
Christina Hale
Irene Hardwicke-Olivieri
Daniel Kaufman
Leonard Koscianski
Lauren Marsolier
Dennis Mukai
Yarg Noremac
Eric Orr
Gugger Petter
Louis Renzoni
Ellwood T. Risk
John Rose
Marla Rutherford
Timothy Greenfield-Sanders
Mary Shaffer
Gerald Slota
Marischa Slusarski
Don Sorenson
Elizabeth Tinglof
David Trulli
Norton Wisdom 


Dennis Mukai
Robert Berman Gallery, Santa Monica, California
Preview by Daniella Walsh
The meticulous detail of Dennis Mukai's paintings is actually produced by sanding to remove layers of paint.

Past Editorial

Dennis Mukai
Julian Wasser: Duchamp in Pasadena Redux
John Valadez
Norton Wisdom
Irene Olivieri
Christina Hale
Shepard Fairey
David Trulli
Santa Monica Auctions


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