Fred Birchman is a process-oriented artist and his mixed media works on paper are a pictorial journal.  A thread of recurring icons, signature to his visual voice, permeates his work. The layering of imagery plays with notions of space, time, scale, dream worlds, and memory. Sometimes the work is autobiographical, sometimes narrative, other times the narrative is abstracted. Birchman states:

“Floor plans define a certain kind of space. They delineate walls, assign doors and windows, and isolate sections of territory for specific purposes. Most of the time they are blueprints for the future. Occasionally they are checkpoints of the present or archives of the past. My drawings serve me in all those ways. They are my doors, my windows and, sometimes, my walls.” 

Kathy Gore Fuss

The forests of the Pacific Northwest have been the source material for Kathy Gore Fuss’s work for over a decade. The exhibition is entitled, “Providers”

As the exhibition title suggests, “Providers” refers to the forest as a supplier of sustenance and support. Gore Fuss’s intimate, walnut ink on Yupo paper paintings pay homage to the irreplaceable value the forests provide us.

The luxury of being able to revisit the same locations throughout the year has allowed Gore Fuss to develop a deep relationship with her surroundings. She works in the woods carefully watching, waiting for the moment when the light is just right. She simultaneously works on multiple paintings. This approach encourages her to take risks and allows for spontaneity in her mark making. The deep umber tones of the walnut ink embodies the warm glow of the forest. This carefully curated selection of paintings provides a timeless glimpse of the unparalleled beauty of the Pacific Northwest forests.