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Lucia Koch
Christopher Grimes Gallery, Santa Monica, California
Recommendation by Joy Zellen

Lucia Koch, “Cleanser,” 2017, pigment print on cotton paper, UV matte laminate, 44 1/4 x 68 3/4 x 1”

Lucia Koch's exhibition, "No more things" consists of large-scale color photographs of the interiors of paper bags and empty boxes, some with carefully cut holes that let in glimpses of the landscape as well as evocative shadows caused by natural light. Koch makes these throwaway objects into architecture. Because there is such a large scale shift between the photographs and the actual objects, at first glance they are puzzling and disorienting. But once one comprehends just what is being depicted, the fascination increases. For example, in “Cleanser" Koch explores the architectural aspects of the cardboard box. Photographed straight on, the front of the box becomes the entryway to the space. Four small circles cut into the flaps represent windows and a large circle at the top of the box, a skylight through which trees in the distance can been seen. Similarly in “Dori," the interior of the horizontally positioned box becomes an interior space with a diagonal band of light coming through a hole toward the back that represents a window. There seems no shortage of objects through which Koch creates her mysterious and evocative spaces.

Christopher Grimes Gallery

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