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Corey Arnold
at Richard Heller Gallery, Santa Monica, California
Recommendation by Jody Zellen

Corey Arnold, “Shifting Sea,” 2017, pigment print, 39 x 52”

Corey Arnold's photographs depict animals as well as the land and seascape around the Aleutian Islands— a chain of 14 large and 55 small volcanic islands located in the northern Pacific Ocean between Alaska and Russia. Both a fisherman and photographer, Arnold parlays these skills to into an ongoing photographic project exploring man's relationship with the natural world. Arnold’s images of life at sea come from the perspective of a seasoned fisherman, not an outsider. This has allowed him to capture cascading and crashing waves at close range, as well as birds and other wildlife with an intimacy and sensitivity to his surroundings. Arnold's color photographs are crisp, clear and unsettling. They make it easy to imagine the rough ride through choppy waters that the boat must travel through. We are able to feel the violence implicit in nature. Though documentary in style and approach, the images are aesthetically complex and deeply compelling.

Richard Heller Gallery

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