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“Changing Landscapes”
Three artists wrestle with traditional Chinese landscape painting's blend of realism and calligraphy. We see modernization, urbanization and changing cultural norms reflected in their works with varying emphasis.... more
Connie Goldman and Mikey Kelly
They make a compelling argument for formalist practice: quality execution that explores painting with creative flair.... more

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The Walking Cure The heartlessness of much contemporary art, argues DeWitt Cheng, reflects the lack of an ethical center in American cult... more

Moonlighting Movie Stars Hollywood celebs like Brad Pitt or Jim Carrey tend to infuriate many artists by gaining undeserved attention for art tha... more

Whose Kickstart Was This Anyway? A Kickstarter campaign in support of Michael Rakowitz’s “Enemy Kithen” project seemed honorable enough... more

Sheldon Figoten
If Sheldon Figoten's subtle geometric abstractions that emphasize balancing dualities call to mind John McLau... more

Laura Aguilar
Laura Aguilar focuses her camera on herself as well as others, often overweight, queer and working class, that... more

Hans Burkhardt
No, Hans Burkhardt was not Latin American, but the native Swiss modernist did find a spiritual second home in ... more

The vibrancy of Brazilian contemporary art is on full display in “Past/Future/Present,” the first large-scal... more

Shawn Huckins
Pre-20th Century American portraiture is defaced with smart phone phrases and graphic icons in Shawn Huckins’ canc... more

Gilliam and Hurley
Denzil Hurley and Sam Gilliam, in simultaneous exhibitions, exemplify very distinct approaches to abstract painting; bot... more

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Orbital Pavilion at The Huntington Library

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