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Is Death an Unfair Advantage?
Why is it that some artists of more or less equal talent are neglected and others praised and celebrated? Matthew Kangas explores a list to factors that go into an artist's historical reputation.... more
Adriane Colburn and Alice Shaw
Alice Shaw’s photography-based work explores identity in the age of simulacra. Adriane Colburn shows abstract sculptures in wood strips with met... more

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The Power of Mark Making Recent exhibitions by Robin Mitchell and Robert Walker demonstrated the continued viability of obsessive mark making. Th... more

Why Dennis Adrian Will be Missed He was both loved and maligned. Dennis Adrian should be remembered as Chicago's best critic of his generation.... more

Two More Novels for Artists Matthew Kangas offers another pair of novels that are a great read for all of us art types.... more

“Extracorporeal (Beyond the Body)”
“Extracorporeal (Beyond the Body),” celebrates the life and work of the late Ana Mendieta. Over 30... more

Kim Schoenstadt
Particularly now, the values that a government building's architecture embodies are up for grabs. Kim Schoens... more

Tony DeLap
Timed with Tony DeLap's 90th year, this retrospective confirms his place as one of our most original minimalis... more

Kate Gilmore
It takes a while to grasp what we are looking at. As Kate Gilmore's "Morning Rage" becomes clear we share the catharsis.... more

Kathy Jones
Kathy Jones paintings of standing, featureless figures posing in landscapes and interiors are all about color and implic... more

“In Repose”
"In Repose" shows that artists' interpretation of the figure remains diverse and vital. The late Wade Reynolds provides ... more

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